Shiv Nadar

Acknowledged as a visionary by the IT industry and his peers, Shiv Nadar foresaw the huge potential in IT education and learning. At a time when India had a total of 250 computers, he had the foresight to bet on the growth of the IT industry and that vision in 1976, born out of a Delhi ‘barsaati’, akin to a garage start-up, has led, three decades later to the creation of a $6 billion global enterprise – HCL – with over 85,000 professionals from diverse nationalities working in over 30 countries. Determined to give back to the society, Shiv Nadar has been supporting the cause of education through the Shiv Nadar Foundation – which is committed to providing the means to empower individuals, bridging the socio-economic divide and contributing to the creation of a more equitable, meritocratic society. It aims to achieve this primarily through outstanding educational institutions of higher learning. It has established the not-for-profit SSN College of Engineering in Chennai, ranked among India’s top private engineering colleges.

Praise for Shiv Nadar

"Shiv Nadar is using his formidable fortune to bridge the urban/rural divide by improving education for India's rural poor. He has received numerous awards for his philanthropic work, not least the Padma Bhushan Award in recognition of his deep commitment to public good."


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