Award Categories*

Outstanding Achievement in The Arts

Encompassing arts, design and culture, this award will recognise the individual who has made the greatest impact on their chosen field. Judges will look at what the individual has achieved during the course of their career, and the global impact of their contribution. The winner of this award will be an established and respected talent who has achieved critical acclaim and commercial success.

Outstanding Achievement in Television

Encompassing global television output, the winner of this award will be an established name synonymous with success, integrity and longevity within this important entertainment genre. From presenting, acting, directing or producing to reportage, anchoring or documentary-making, this individual will have a global presence and appeal. The winner of this award will be recognised for their status and achievement within the television industry.

Outstanding Achievement in Cinema

Encompassing all genres in the world of film and cinema, this highly competitive award will go to an individual whose talent has mass appeal and whose contribution is recognised globally. Combining the qualities and characteristics that draw audiences in their millions, the winner of this award will be someone who has pushed the boundaries of cinema and elevated the art form to new creative and commercial heights.

Outstanding Achievement in Music

All nominees for the Outstanding achievement in music award will have established themselves as creative pioneers, respected artists and commercially successful talents in an enormously competitive field. Judges will look for an individual who demonstrates the most impressive combination of reach, recognition, longevity, critical acclaim, creative impact, and commercial success. The winner will have achieved success within and outside of their home continent.

Outstanding Achievement in Science and Technology

This award will be presented to an individual who has led innovation or is a recognised pioneer in the fields of science and technology. Judges will look for an individual who has pushed the boundaries of scientific and technological endeavour, developed life and industry-changing products, services or processes and is an active ambassador for this vitally important sector.

Outstanding Achievement in Sport

This award will be presented to a sporting star who has not only reached the pinnacle of achievement in their chosen field – but who best represents the ideals of sportsmanship and a determination to reach new heights. Judges will be looking for an individual whose sporting achievements are world class, who is a respected ambassador for their sport, and who has demonstrated a passion for excellence throughout their career.

Business Leader of the Year

This award will recognise the individual who has demonstrated exceptional business acumen, embedded a culture of innovation and improvement, and communicated a clear strategic vision companywide to deliver outstanding commercial performance over the last 18 months. As employees worldwide look for signs of confidence and reassurance, this award celebrates the recession-defying individual who navigated a path to success in challenging times as well as prosperous times. The winner will lead a business of at least 10,000 permanent employees and revenues exceeding £1bn.

Public Servant of the Year

Under constant pressure to deliver higher levels of service with ever-decreasing resources, the leading lights of the public sector are those able to create a culture of improvement and efficiency. This award will be presented to an outstanding public servant who has achieved organisational transformation through ground breaking strategies, models and philosophies. This category will encompass politics, social welfare and the community.

Philanthropist of the Year

At its heart, philanthropy is more than the donation of money – it is the gift of time, energy and commitment. This award will be presented to an individual who has made charitable giving and campaigning a focus of their personal and professional life. Judges will look for an individual who most effectively combines giving with active involvement in achieving charitable aims.

Social Entrepreneur of the Year

This award will be presented to an individual who has created an enterprise that focuses on social capital, revolutionising the intent of business to provide a service or product to a disadvantaged community or to support purely civic goals. Judges will only consider leaders of organisations with a proven track record of delivering on core objectives, and where profit has been re-invested to improve levels of service and reach.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Nominees for this award will have a proven track record of establishing one or several successful owner-led businesses. As a champion of Asian entrepreneurialism, this individual will possess qualities ranging from clear leadership and sound management to innovation, determination, ambition, and entrepreneurial flair. The winner of this award will be an example of the very best in entrepreneurialism and have a minimum personal net worth of over £1bn.

Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability

Creating a sustainable planet is one of the toughest challenges of the modern age. This award recognises an individual whose work (in isolation or part of a company) has improved our utilisation of resources in order to make life more sustainable on earth.

Outstanding Contribution to the the Community

This award recognises the most dedicated and impactful people that make a unique and unparalleled difference to the lives of others. This person is typically for someone that is a pillar of their community: someone relatable and whose advice is considered valuable. Candidates in this category may be long serving, may be helping others whilst suffering adversity themselves, and may just brighten the lives of those they come into contact with. Equally, they may have fundraised for community facilities, driven policy to determine improvement or improved the standards of their community livelihood. The community contrition could be part of their job / business or could be an endeavour taken outside of these hours.

The Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award recognises a young individual who has made global impact in his/her field of work/interest in a short space of time. The Rising Star award is presented to honourees aged 25 or less.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime achievement award recognises the impact of an individual on a particular field, whether through sport, business, entertainment, culture or the arts. The recipient will be a high profile leader and pioneer with a proven track record of success encompassing the values of ambition, dedication, hard work and creativity.

The Founders Award

This accolade, chosen by the Founder of the Asian Awards, will recognise an individual from history or present day who has had a major impact on the world and does not need to be directly Asian. Judges will consider the global significance of this individual's contribution and legacy, and how widely this is understood and appreciated outside their sphere of activity.

The Asian Awards Fellowship

The Asian Awards Fellowship is awarded to a living individual who is a global icon in their respective field. It is the highest honour that can bestowed and represents the beginning of a long-term fellowship with the awards. Given the rarity of such individuals it may not be presented every year.

*The Asian Awards committee reserve the right to add or remove categories from year to year depending on what is appropriate from a judging perspective.

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