Ravi Ruia is Vice-Chairman of Essar Group (a multinational conglomerate involved in construction, manufacturing and retail). Ruia is a mechanical engineer by profession and has helped Essar Group grow its operations to more than 20 countries across five continents, employing over 75,000 people worldwide. Since its foundation, the Group has recognised the greater role industry plays in the development of a country like India where large sections of society suffer from severe economic and social disadvantages. Essar Group introduced their Sustainability Policy in January 2011 and it ensures that sustainable development is an integral part of the Group’s activities. The Group as a whole focuses on the economic, social and environmental activities of all its operational locations around the world. They have developed a sustainability series which outlines the various ways that the Group achieves its goals, these include; recycling in a safe way, ensuring that emission levels are reduced wherever possible, concentrating on water conservation, based on the ‘reduce, recycle and re-use’ principle and upholding the integrity of environmental conservation.

Praise for Ravi Ruia

"Essar Steel has achieved the highest rating of A+ on its first Sustainability Report (2009 -2010). Ernst & Young provided Independent Assurance on the report. The Essar Group, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative has established the Essar Foundation which focuses its activities across areas such as education, healthcare and environmental and agricultural DEVELOPMENT; it improved its reach by engaging with government institutions and other organisations. The Group has also undertaken climate change initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. Madhu Ruia, Ravi Ruia’s wife is also involved in several projects undertaken as part of the groups CSR activity for the benefit of villagers, the environment and education. In 2011 Essar Africa Holdings set up a US$10 million fund in Zimbabwe to support small business operations and empowerment projects. Ruia stated “We hope this will accelerate industrial development and help develop a new generation of SMEs.” Ruia was the recipient of the Business India Businessman of the year in 2010."


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