Zarin Patel

Zarin Patel serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the BBC, a post she assumed in 2004. Since joining the BBC in 1998 as the Group Financial Controller, Patel has adopted a series of new initiatives that aim to streamline services, reduce costs, and bring back more creative talent to the UK. In 2001, she spearheaded the collection of television licence fees across the UK; consequently, in 2004, she was named Client Marketer of the Year by the London-based trade magazine Precision Marketing. In the following two years, Patel introduced an outsourced component to the BBC, a move that has been widely noted and appreciated for its cost-cutting effect. Patel is a prime example of a modern public servant, one who is mindful of the public’s contributions, and strives to stretch them to create value.

Praise for Zarin Patel

“Daring, innovative, and modern, Patel has transformed how the BBC operates: by offshoring offices, streamlining services, and cutting down costs – a necessity in today’s economy”. “Patel’s leadership is noteworthy: she has taken bold risks and in the process, created a more efficient and cost-effective entity. Patel continues to tackle these tough challenges in an even more difficult financial climate with intelligence and ingenuity”.


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