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Kiran Bajracharya

Since founding the God my Silent Partner Foundation in 2006, Pratibha and Ramesh Sachdev have given over £12 million to charitable causes. The couple arrived in the UK in the 1960s and, after leaving her role as headmistress of a nursery school, Pratibha started a nursey home business in 1987 as a way of giving back to the elderly community. With the support of her husband, it soon became a profitable business empire.
Today the couple has a net-worth of over £450 million yet are just as intent on giving back. “Having spent the first part of my life accumulating wealth, I have now been inspired by my wife and my Guru, to leave a legacy not of making money, but of giving it away” says Ramesh. With an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy the couple have used education as a means to transform the lives of women and girl both in India and here in the UK.

Quotes and Praise

"With my Guru's knowledge and blessings, I have learned to understand that everything ultimately belongs to God and we are simply instruments of His will. I feel very blessed and privileged to have wealth on this earth and I believe that it is my duty to give this back".

Asian Business Awards Business of the Year Award
Asian Power Couples Hot 100 (2017)


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