Social Entreprenuer of the Year

Nisha Dutt

Nisha Dutt

After a decade and a half of experience in operations and strategy with national and multinational corporations, Nisha Dutt joined Intellecap in 2009 and within six years became CEO of the company. She has since steered the business solutions enterprise to new heights in their unique approach to social and environmental change. In an ever-more technological world, Dutt’s key to success has been the marriage of these advances with the challenges of healthcare and finance, an approach that hopes to answer the social sustainability problems of tomorrow before they happen. Dutt holds an MBA from the University of Ohio and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Oklahoma State University, USA. She is currently a member of the Group Executive Council of Aavishkaar Intellecap Group and serves on boards of listed companies including SUBEX and 63 Moons. In her work at Intellecap she has been responsible for conceptualising initiatives including, Innovations Labs and Credit-tree. She is responsible for the Sankalp Awards, India’s most important social enterprise awards, and the Sankalp Summit, a now-global enterprise that facilitates sustainable growth and entrepreneurialism across over 40 countries.

Quotes and Praise

“The empowerment and freedom to choose coupled with a strong sense of discipline is something I treasure and believe it has laid the stepping stones to the many risks I have taken. I'm a complete risk-taker. Planning is great but if one wants extraordinary results, taking risks is the key. Highs and lows should be taken with a pinch of salt - they are two sides of the same coin. I work with a bunch of great passionate people who know how to turn knowledge into value. I am just an enabler, if you will, making that happen”


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