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Kiran Bajracharya

Through tenacity, determination and an uncompromising approach to organised crime, Kiran Bajracharya has been leading the charge against human trafficking in her home country of Nepal. Between 2013 and 2015, Kiran used her position as Superintendent in the Central Investigation Bureau to initiate at least 14 human trafficking case, a massive increase from just one in prior years.
In her current role as District Police Chief, Kiran has provided information and awareness of the dangers of modern-day slavery to those most vulnerable, at the same time cracking down further on the movement of victims through searches and checkpoints. In 2016, she was awarded Prabal Jansewa Shree’ medal for outstanding performance as a District Police Chief of Bhaktapur District by the President of Nepal and was recognised by the U.S. Department of State as a true anti-slavery Hero.

Quotes and Praise

U.S. Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report Hero (2016)
Honoured by Women and Children’s Rights Organisation Maiti Nepal
Led the Nepal Police Department to the Arrest of 1,200 Individuals Involved in Human Trafficking


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