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Jahangir Khan

Few athletes have ever attained the heights of physical accomplishment that defined the greatest squash champion in history but for Jahangir Khan that wasn’t always the case. Born in Karachi, Pakistan on the 10th December 1963 and as a child was told by doctors not to take part in sports due to weakness. Nevertheless, his father started teaching him squash and at the age of 15 Khan became the youngest ever World Amateur Champion – and that was just the beginning.
Khan’s career reads like a record book. He became the youngest ever world open champion at 17, going on to win a total of six times; he was the first player to win an open without a single loss; he played the second longest match in squash history and was Unbeaten in 555 consecutive matches over 5 years and 8 months. In the words of Time Magazine, “if winning is everything, then Khan is the greatest.”

Quotes and Praise

“If you have a burning ambition and desire, absolutely anything can be achieved.”
“To be the best, I had to work harder than everyone else.”
“Every winning streak will have to end sometime.”

Youngest World Open Champion in History
Pride of Performance Award (1993)
Time Magazine Asian Heroes (2005)
Unbeaten 555 Win Streak


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