George Alagiah

A respected foreign correspondent for the BBC, Alagiah spent 15 years covering some of the world’s most important stories, including the Rwandan genocide and the Asian tsunami, and interviewing distinguished leaders including Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and Kofi Annan. Though he sits behind the desk now as a presenter, Alagiah remains connected to world affairs and has been an advocate of the fair-trade movement. Alagiah is one of the UK’s premier journalists, a blend of class, intelligence, and passion.

Praise for George Alagiah

“George Alagiah has reported on the most significant events of our time. His passion for global affairs has shown through our television screens for over a decade making his presence synonymous with ground breaking news” “He stands as a prominent and respected journalist uncovering crises and bringing current issues to the fore. A proud son of Sri Lanka and Great Britain, Alagiah is highly revered for his commitment to social justice and stands as a luminary of great achievement”


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