Philanthropist of the Year


Arjun Waney

This gentleman earned outstanding success initially in investment management and the retail business with Pier 1 Imports Inc in the US. He is now Chairman, Managing Director and Principal shareholder of Argent Fund Management Limited. His Midas touch in the restaurant business started with the highly acclaimed Japanese brands Zuma, Roka and Coya, which he co-founded with Rainer Becker and which have gone on to achieve remarkable and enduring success.

In 2001, he founded the Savitri Waney Charitable Trust to make a difference to those living in poverty. The Trust is named in memory of his late mother. He was keen to apply his business acumen to his philanthropic endeavours.

Since founding the Charitable Trust, this OBE recipient, has led the Trust in donating over £8 million to carefully selected charitable causes including blindness, malnutrition, education, the environment and palliative care. Perhaps the most ambitious programme involves ending blindness in Bihar, one of India’s most deprived states where an estimated 2.4 million people suffer with cataracts. The Trust has funded over 250,000 cataract surgeries and most recently, a new eye hospital.

This individuals’ selfless efforts in giving aid and care to his fellow countrymen allow us to recognise and award him Philanthropist of the Year.


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