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Anita Rani

A national treasure and staple of British TV, Anita Rani is never far from the limelight. Growing up in Bradford, Yorkshire Anita began her entertainment career at the age of 14 with her own show on Sunrise Radio before studying broadcasting at the University of Leeds. In 2002 Anita began her rise to small screen stardom as a presenter on Channel 5 news program The Edit, a Launchpad that turned out to be just the start of an extensive TV career. Her work as a roving reporter for the One Show and as lead presenter on Countryfile have beamed her into millions of living rooms across the country, while My Family, Partition and Me: India 1947 showed a different side to Anita, illustrating the personal, human impact of the Partition of India. One of the most beloved personalities on British TV, prime time wouldn't be the same without Anita.

Quotes and Praise

"As a kid I just wanted to fit in - now I wear my difference as a badge of honour."

"The story of Partition is not just mine; it's the story of millions. It's not just India's and Pakistan's story, it's Britain's - not only because of our involvement in the Raj, but because many of the ancestors of those who died there are here today. My story is everyone's story."

"I want to change the world a bit before I die. There's a lot to come from me yet."


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